Fake Apple Stores

There has been a lot of discussion in the news lately about fake Apple stores being found throughout China. I cannot say that I am surprised, since I often ran across Apple stores during my time in China. The odd thing was that there were only a couple of official Apple stores listed in those areas, yet these stores looked legitimate. As authorities continue to investigate this issue, I fully expect many more counterfeit stores to show up throughout China.

The demand for Apple products is so high, and the prices on any Apple product is significantly more than here in the U.S. People stand in line for days to have an opportunity to purchase the newest products, and demand usually outweighs supply. Just the Apple logo attracts people off the street, and China’s loose copyright laws allow numerous people to use this tactic to attract customers.

I personally went to a few of these places, since the color scheme, layout, and overall look of the store seemed legitimate, with employees dressed similar to the real Apple stores as well. But as soon as I asked them questions about my computer, it was evident that something was not right. The current popularity of Apple’s products in China will continue to motivate people to try this tactic, and I anticipate that many more of these fakes stores will show up within the next few weeks.

This is great news for Apple, since there is enormous demand for their product in the most populated and one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Apple briefly became the most valuable company in the world this week, and if they can find a way to capitalize on China’s demand and remove the counterfeit stores, expect them to stay on top of that ranking for a while.


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